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  • Iodine is required during pregnancy and infancy for the infant’s healthy growth and cognitive development9.
  • Globally an estimated 1.8 billion people have insufficient iodine intake.
  • Iodine content in most foods and beverages is low.
  • Fortifying salt with iodine is a successful intervention – about 86% of households worldwide consume iodized salt10. The amount of iodine added to salt can be adjusted so that people maintain adequate iodine intake even if they consume less salt11.
  • The American Thyroid Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that pregnant or breastfeeding women take a supplement every day containing 150 micrograms of iodine. Organic Fat Burning Pills Supplement. The American Thyroid Association recommends women who are planning a pregnancy consume a daily iodine supplement starting at least 3 months in advance of pregnancy.

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